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Release date: March 1st

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Shelti Farms

Flower farm specializing in lavender, dried florals & botanicals. Check out our full line of bath, body, home & culinary products_ handcrafted by us with the intention to instill enjoyment & wellbeing into your every day. 

Our goal is provide ritualistic products for boosting & supporting mental & emotional wellbeing while helping you reduce the chemicals in your home. Our products are free from phthalates, parabens, sulphates, mineral oil & artificial colorants.

Our business is centered around eco-awareness: from our day to day practices to the companies we source from. Our own farming principles are very much rooted in sustainability: utilizing soil-building principles of no-till & permaculture to continue rebuilding the natural ecosystem & create a safe-haven for our bee colonies nestled throughout the farm.


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Botanical Aromatherapy

Nature Inspired Home Ambiance

Candles  Sprays  Diffuser Oil



Gift Boxes

Self-Care & Wellness 

Live well, give well. A gentle reminder that caring for others begins with caring for yourself. A sampling of some of our favorite selfcare items.


Farm to Kitchen

Premium Infused Culinary

Gourmet herb & floral infused culinary "Made with     " that inspire  expression & creativity in the kitchen; changing an ordinary food or coffee-time to a sensory-filled experience. Intended for idyllic self-enjoyment, mindful giving or to be shared in good company. 

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