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Combine the forces of lavender & eucalyptus for a complimentary blend of decompression, antiseptic & soothing qualities.

Handmade with 100% cotton fabric, flaxseed, dried lavender & eucalyptus; therapeutic-grade essential oils of lavender & eucalyptus.

*Outer cover is removable & washable.


Our Eyes & Temple are a Well-Known PRESSURE or ENERGY Point. 

Adding WEIGHT to this energy zone (common in wellness practice) induces a GROUNDING affect 

Releasing Tension, Mind Clutter & Stress. 

Adding elements of AROMATHERAPY and optional TEMPERATURE is a happy bonus

Useful for soothing both headaches & congestion.

For COLD therapy: freeze for one hour.

For HEAT therapy: heat for 15 second intervals in microwave, massaging between intervals to distribute heat. Continue heating until warm throughout. AVOID GETTING HOT, heat until warm only. 

• Natural headache relief

• Deompression & Relaxation

• Easing cold/flu/allergy symptoms

• Accentuating your yoga & meditation routine

• Coming down from a workout 


9”x4” - 10 oz

Lavender+Eucalyptus Eye Pillow

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