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Hey there!

I'm Millie Strain. KC-local flower farmer, health & wellness enthusiast, wife & mother of feral children (& many, many fur & feathered children), lover of coffee & good cocktails.. You get the idea. Welcome! If you can't tell already, we are big fans of things that instill beauty into the everyday.

We specialize in growing LAVENDER (more florals are in the works!) & offer a broad selection of products all formulated by yours truly; & produced onsite. While we do offer other herbal formulations, Lavender being such a versatile, useful, and dare I say TASTY herb remains the top-star in many of our products. I've spent a lot of time & research perfecting my art to bring you the absolute best; I hope our products inspire as much joy for you as they did for me creating them -


About us:

Our sweet little family farm was founded with intention: breaking away from the ordinary grind, bringing value to the daily; cultivating an experience-based lifestyle. Together 4 generations of our family have worked: planting, tending & harvesting our KC-based lavender; using holistic & earth-honoring sustainable methods. Our desire is to produce quality products that add value to our customers' lives: "made with love;" while continuing to leave our plot better than we found it. Thank you for supporting our family!

Our Mission

We believe in the importance of cultivating joy into the everyday. Our products are designed not only to encourage indulgent selfcare & mindful giving; but also to create connection between the natural world: inspiring creativity & well-living.


We are strong believers in the power of individual impact. We make huge efforts to be eco-aware, & are always researching new & improved methods & packaging. The majority of our packaging IS recyclable, compostable, or realistically reusable. We try to minimize our use of plastic whenever possible, and often offer alternative packaging to those who value such things. We also prioritize sourcing from companies that make efforts to be eco-friendly. The majority of our distributors are carbon neutral and ship orders in compostable and/or recyclable packaging.


Sustainability is the core of our business, from the ingredients we source, the companies we work with, and the ground we cultivate. Our Lavender is grown following organic-guidelines, although our practices go well beyond that: using techniques of both permaculture & soil-building. Our biggest testament to our growing culture: the beehives centrally located between growing plots.

We believe in doing your best:

in the day of contradictory, overwhelming information & greenwashing, we do our best to source the best natural & organic (when possible) ingredients to help you reduce the chemicals in your home.


We also believe you deserve full-transparency in the product you use, & are happy to provide any information if not listed.

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