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• Aromatherapy “Lavender” Eye Pillow -

For hot or cold therapy. A soothing combination of temperature, weight and aromatherapy.

Useful for:

- Relieving Tension

- Headache Relief

- Relaxation/Decompression

- Easing Cold/Flu/Allergy Symptoms 

- Accentuating Yoga/Meditation Routine

- Coming Down from Workouts 

Handmade with 100% cotton fabric, flaxseed, Lavender buds & pure Lavender oil.

~Choose between 4 fabric patterns ~

• 4 oz “Moon Brew” Tub Tea Bath Salts - Lavender Scented

• 2oz “Repose” Aromatherapy Spray - Lavender, Lemon & Vanilla 

• 4.5 oz “Lavender Luxe” Natural Bar Soap

• 4 oz “Lavender Honey” Body Butter

4 oz “Namaste” Lavender Candle 

10 ml Pure “Lavender” Essential Oil Roller


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Lavender Deluxe Giftbox

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