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Premium Culinary lavender-infused salts for adding a unique & gourmet twist on a variety of foods & drinks. Our salts are all unrefined & additive free.    
The finekosher & course are sourced from Redmond Real: a small, family-owned & solar-powered mine in Redmond, Utah. Redmond Real salts have the utmost purity & quality standards, containing the same mineral content as Himalayan for full flavored enhancing. 
Our finishing salt hails from the UK: a 4-generation artisan sea salt_ hand-harvested from the coastal town of Maldon; which still utilizes the same traditional methods as it did in the late 1800’s to preserve its distinct qualities.

• Fine: a free-flowing sea salt which can be used in a shaker for quick & easy seasoning. Also great for cocktail & mocktail rimmer 
• Kosher: a courser sea salt for all-around cooking. Larger grain makes it easier to sprinkle & “kosher” ie: draw out moisture faster; & more-mild salinity helps prevent over-salting.  
• Course: a full-flavored grinding salt for bold enhancement & texture.  
• Finishing: signature flakey Maldon sea salt for hand-sprinkled flavor & crunch.    

Lavender salts are a great addition to:      
• Any meats   
 Dessert Sprinkling    
• Chocolates or Caramels    
• Dressings or Marinades   
• Cocktail Rimmer or Garnishment   
• Rubs & Seasoning Blends   
• Cooked Vegetables    

Our lavender salts are exactly that: premium-grade salt & culinary lavender.   

4 oz Glass Jar   
100% Recyclable or Realistically Reusable Packaging


Premium Culinary Lavender Salts