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Grown & harvested on our family farm in KCMO. Our Lavender is grown using Organic-Compliant, Sustainably-Minded practices; Hand-Harvested & Cleaned for Premium Quality.
Lightly floral in flavor, Lavender can often be substituted for mint or rosemary (which are in the same family) in both sweet or savory dishes
Such as:
• Tea|Coffee|Lemonade|Cocktails|Mocktails|Smoothies|Juices
• Seasoning|Rubs|Dressings|Marinades
• Poultry|Steak|Lamb
• Scones|Shortbreads|Cookies|Brownies|Frosting
• Infused Syrup|Sugars|Alcohol|Extracts
• Compatible with Berries|Citrus|Spice|Chocolate

100% culinary grade lavender buds (Lavandula angustifolia)

4 oz Glass Jar
Recyclable or Realistically Reusable Packaging

Lavender Culinary Buds

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